(the daughter visits)

and Iā€™m thinking of our slow spring days
fascination with eaglet, cygnet
all unfinished things in leaf or on wing

the pleasure in daily checking
pea plant, lettuce bed, sunflower sprout
until that startling morning

we see all is grown beautiful, glossy, wild
shining, confident beyond need
or desire of our shaping



13 thoughts on “(the daughter visits)”

    1. Yes, and I was also thinking how there comes the moment–in gardening and in parenting–when I say, oh dear, that one day I skipped the pinching back/pruning/grooming and now everything is completely out of my hands (for better or worse) šŸ˜‰

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  1. If you look closely every flower can hold a blemish but, on the other hand, a blemish is only another feature to love. Every flower and every child needs a few blemishes to help them understand their strength. Then can the gardener sit back and feel proud!

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