the worm-quest

to break through this green glaze of sameness—
small boxes with neat shrubs, hamburger-plain—
to the good brown dirt beneath, remembering our souls
built from lumps of clay prairie-stirred

wanting a spice, a song, a scent like your new penchant
for sriracha; a jolt, a leap into the vault beyond
this daily circuit, this merely driving
up and down arteries quickly clogging

they say if you’re not growing, you’re dying, but
I’ve been drying on this rack for years, home-grown
herbs medicinal to my kitchen motto: sauce on everything
until I become mere compost for the roots of the tree of life


Thanks and apologies to Jane for this borrowing of the worm quest.

17 thoughts on “the worm-quest”

  1. Ooh, “remembering our souls / built from lumps of clay prairie-stirred”! That is wonderful! I feel a bit of the boredom and melancholy as an underlying theme here, and a yearning to seek freedom. I always wonder if I’m reading my own life into your words because you have a gift of resonating, or if we’re living similar experiences – or both!

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  2. I love that entire second stanza, and how the imagery of brown and green convey so many different things, from the mundane to the eternal.

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