On Change

We tasted this water
when it was ocean, cloud—
knew our river in days of ease
and sunshine, wearying
down its banks, claiming
this pocket of complacency
as its best aspect.
                              Of course
we couldn’t hold it. Rains
overflooded the banks
and we were swept along
cries of revolution still
bewildered deep
below the surface

14 thoughts on “On Change”

  1. Every word and punctuation mark – and indent! – is perfectly placed here. It flows so well – is it ridiculous to say that m dash really paces it out well? Or that I love the indent which emphasizes the line and focuses the reader on the strength of that statement? I’m such a geek. I also love the line “wearying down its banks” and the age-old-ness of the first two lines.

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