may pond, 2&3

17 may

which will I remember for you—
grass-grown gravel track away
from constant surge and pass of cars
in bright sunshine; eight ducklings
tumbling in still water beneath the bank;
willow’s huge grateful shade; one tractor
loud-plowing this last possible acre
among apartments, hospital, shopping mall


18 may

all ducklings aground
in hidden huddled shelter;
gust-ruffled water


23 thoughts on “may pond, 2&3”

  1. J – Not sure if it interests you, but this perfectly fits Susie’s real toads prompt.

    This looks like a cross-day haibun… and I agree with Merril ~

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      1. Soundcloud account, or similar, would be my suggestion. Or send an email to Sherry at Poets United / real toads, or Grace or Bjorn at dVerse – they have platforms. Someone has to run the show, of course… I nominate you! your idea! 🙂 but bounce some ideas, etc.

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          1. after your suggestion, i’ve been considering it for the next time i host a post in the garden. i bet Marian would let you guest host there. Kerry is under the weather (well, truth be told, gravely ill) so direct a request to Marian…

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