driving home, in this drizzle

because I saw the opossum
improbably trotting across the road
and thought first of Piglet then parents
children helpless things all those
waiting-watching-waiting for loved ones
to come back and in that slow-flash
you hit your brakes swerved behind me
(is it raining out there? it’s raining here too)
waking not anger sadness superiority but
neither mere impatience
with your impatience

11 thoughts on “driving home, in this drizzle”

      1. There’s not so much hustle and bustle in my house since it’s just my husband and me here now, and he’s retired (though he still works part-time). I do have a book manuscript due in a couple of weeks though–and it’s not near being completed yet, so there will be lots of hustling and bustling (mostly in my brain) going on here. 🙂

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