on creating

everything fades in time, you know
how all was black before your birth
and after—you have nothing else to go on
clinging to every look and gesture
winding yourself into being


not every spark ends in a sun
transcendent, though
your hand is on the work


National Poetry Month is ended, but I still have pages in my Yes-Words journal…

11 thoughts on “on creating”

  1. Keep going! I love that drawing, it sparkles. It’s funny, I was just reading somewhere someone trying to imagine “what” they were before they were born…where does this thing called me come from? Much easier to imagine what comes after than what comes before I think. (K)

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    1. I remember wondering as a child…What came before the beginning?
      As for the drawing, thank you. I tried to use silver embossing powder on the star stamps to make them really sparkle, but it didn’t take due to operator error. 🙂

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      1. It still sparkles. They do make silver stars, I remember using them in collages years ago. A good reminder…I’ll have to look for them again. But where to find them…? Maybe Staples. No Woolworth’s left…

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