Scarf Daughter (2)

I finally felt regretful
and came to my what-ifs

only because November
drains all other light

from the world you inhabit
to where I sit—time, filters, filaments

and again I tried
to imagine how you fill your days

because someone will ask, expecting
an answer of fine, fall-ripe ache

11 thoughts on “Scarf Daughter (2)”

  1. This is so beautiful – you express so well the longing over space for connection and the sting of well meaning friends checking in. The poem feels ambivalent and protective. Just beautiful.

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  2. i can certainly connect with the poem’s observations. the second stanza “only because November/ drains all other light” seems especially relevant to me now. we moved to a home a bit further north and rainier than before, and i find myself often aware of the darkness here. it’s interesting when “you” appears, which gives the poem a different perspective.

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    1. Ah–I grew up in the south, land of heat and sunshine, and now live in the Midwest. Maybe that’s why I’m so sensitive to the super-shortened days this time of year. I like what you say about the different perspective when “you” appears–and now I am trying to reconstruct where my mind was in the initial writing of this. (probably hopeless 😉 )

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