Disgusted is not too strong a word

Well. We know they have power
and you have sometimes said to me
That’s a strong word
when certainly I meant it.
I don’t wield them like weapons
but I try to have a point.

after splurging on thought
(time travel, what life
we could know before TV)
and a surfeit of sad violins
nothing left for it
but cleaning (the deep stuff)
as if scrubbing might solve
this damned spot

15 thoughts on “Disgusted is not too strong a word”

  1. Can’t help wondering if this relates to the political situation in the States. If it does, it looks like the young people coming through are more liberal and more generous than many of the older people who have voted. I like this poem very much, particularly that first stanza. It’s quietly strong.

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      1. The one compensation for us in the UK is that we are no longer the most suicidal nation on earth. Sorry.

        But the statistics on how young people vote is encouraging. And it only happened because you have that bizarre electoral system. That must affect voter turnout, surely?

        Sending love to nag thoughts!

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      1. I thought watching the election returns that I should just go underground and read and write poetry and forget this big freaking mess. Alas, I cannot. Beauty, yes. But power, too!

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