I wonder are you thinking

about me
there has been
not long
enough to wonder
if I’ve been abducted—
despair or her more torpid sister
first tangling thoughts
combing out knots
and second


I was struck by this line in Julia Cameron’s The Sound of Paper: “I was in cynicism, which is despair’s more torpid sister” (p. 6).

14 thoughts on “I wonder are you thinking”

  1. I’ve wondered, but I also hoped you were off vacationing. Love the poem though, and Cameron’s line is brilliant.
    The torpid sister and tangling knots and thoughts gave me an image from Greek mythology, the fates or some such 🙂 Hope you are well.

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  2. Ditto the others. Hoping you’re doing fine.

    And, your poem. I like that word “torpid”. That P sound, the same strong feeling from stupid, vapid, limpid. It gives even weakish meaning words a bit more punch.

    OK. Here’s to being here for us to talk to!

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  3. So surprising. I have been thinking so much about absence lately — the kind that you are not sure is permanent or not. You poem goes right there. Maybe you meant it more light heartedly, but it really struck a cord!


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