Change, don’t come knocking

like some door-to-door salesman, chatty
asking about my kids, trying to sell me
windows like some long view into tomorrow
Is it future I want? That small reward
like chocolate after broccoli, the thing
to get past to get to the thing—

(I am poised here, perhaps; to yearn
back is to fall, to yearn forward is also)

Change, don’t come knocking with glowing
reviews, promises, predictions of my want
to pretend my footing is sound; I talk myself
into steady plodding content

(Change, come spilling earthward
a glitter-sharp breeze, a bright flitting
bird singing mysteries

or a quiet cooling touch
soothing shadow
in the night)

11 thoughts on “Change, don’t come knocking”

  1. I like this–there’s something about the rhythm–like a salesman’s patter.
    For some reason, it also made me think of Ray Bradbury or Stephen King, like change is a sinister character–I picture him in old-timey clothing. 🙂

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  2. There’s so much here! I love the delicate beauty in these words: “come spilling earthward/
    a glitter-sharp breeze, a bright flitting/bird singing mysteries” and the way this contrasts with your familiar, conversational tone at the start. I also love your perspective on the window salesman – ” like some long view into tomorrow.” Fabulous!

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