A Simple Project

it will become a thing of utility
again, invisible except when needed;
I’ll put it back together tomorrow

you wonder what on earth I’m thinking, tired
of making halfway, but now I’ve started
I ask everyone who passes if it looks good

(sand, wipe, consider; the first brushstroke
is not always the moment of truth
a new can of paint better than a blank canvas)

the prep is the hardest and most boring
part; at least no tools are needed
for disassembly

having started on a winter’s need for change
I had the blank hours and this idea
overconfident of vision


NaPoWriMo Day 28! Telling a story in reverse.

16 thoughts on “A Simple Project”

    1. I wasn’t either, and I’m still not, haha. I might try again later with a real “once upon a time” kind of story. I kind of like the disjointed feel of going in reverse. But I’m the kind of person who frequently reads ahead to the end of a book (!) You know, because I can’t stand the suspense.


      1. I do that too. Exactly. I can’t stand the suspense, I must know. We can form a club and read the books backward!

        As for your poem, I liked that I could read it forward and backward. And a s always I really enjoy your use of language.

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    1. Thank you. It was a fun prompt. It could mimic the jumbled way the brain sometimes remember things. Or the way we might start to tell a story, then have to back up to something that happened earlier.

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  1. I love those last two lines as well! And that it works in both directions – I read it both ways! I agree, too, with your earlier comment that the jumbled order mimics the way our brains take apart a thought or story. I enjoyed reading it as both literal steps in a building project but also in personal development – or poem writing!

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  2. Oh, I don’t know ANYbody who has been ‘overconfident of vision’ and had to explain it. No one at all.

    As other readers have pointed out, the disjointed phrasing here makes the poem work well — almost a feeling of making excuses and backing you into a corner … very nice.

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