I tried to take my mind off this hook of always smooth-correct, put together
dedicated caring upright faithful true, unselfish and nice but honest
that shape of trying warps the way a hanger stretches your sweater’s shoulder
so no amount of wash-cold-lay-flat-to-dry will fix it and now I remember
folding away in deep lavender-tucked drawers would be a better bet


Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt challenges us to write loooong lines. Poetic Asides prompt is “take off.”

13 thoughts on “Delicates”

    1. I did enjoy stretching out lines, though for some reason my instinct is to go shorter and ‘fun on.’ (Yes, I like that phrase very much!)


    1. Yes, when I intentionally set out to write long lines, I find myself becoming either more prosy or more run-on and breathless. Something deeply ingrained, maybe, that poetry is “supposed to” have tidy lines?

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  1. Maybe it’s because I enjoy prose poetry, both writing and reading it, but I thought this was truly wonderful. I found it less breathless actually, more paced, unrolling slowly the parallels of expected behaviour and the ways a sweater might not conform.

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