serious work

I will die to become a tree
trade flesh for leaf-green poetry
sweeping shadows from winter sky

or bending low and tossing sun
in patterned dreams for anyone
seeking shelter. Come, crawl or fly

to my branches stream-side, rock-tide
or on the windswept prairie, wide
open to storm and spring-breeze sigh

A nove otto for Jane’s weekly challenge. Thank you and apologies (especially for the rhymy form) to Angie, whose amazing poem inspired the title and second line. I read about this tree-food alternative to burial a while ago, but the idea has recently resurfaced in the news.

13 thoughts on “serious work”

    1. Thanks, Jane. I started to write this without even thinking about the form…and then it suddenly seemed like it would fit. Go figure.


  1. I seriously love this! Tossing sun in patterned dreams…for anyone…that’s a few good leaves of poetry…which is meant to be shared. Thanks for catching wind of my piece and turning it into another fresh fire. That’s how poetry goes…on and on and on. Sigh:) Have a good Friday. Literally:)

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  2. Wonderful. I had also read about this “tree-food alternative,” and some friends were discussing eco-burials on FB recently. I like the way you organized this poem within the form. You are right, that it did end up being happy–and fitting for spring. 🙂

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  3. I was just talking about this with a friend over tea yesterday! In not sure about the concept itself – where to plant the tree!? – though I like the idea, and love the open, wild beauty you bring to it. How freeing you make it sound – like being out on the moors in a Bronte story!

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