Pilgrimage 2

You plan to drop in, skim
the surface, not find yourself
caught. Cars highway-crawling
shopping centers sprawling
between open land and sky—
all as you remember. It repels
and draws, lodestone of home.
Just as the earth will have you
in the end, your birthplace tugs
you to the roots that shaped
and grew all your people, the same.
In that dark you examine your heart:
petals folded over petals, tight

21 thoughts on “Pilgrimage 2”

  1. Beautifully crafted. I love the echo of the sprawling-crawling rhyme and the the rhythm that you’ve created, which adds to the sense of rolling along, slowly but as though it’s out of your (the narrator’s) control.

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    1. Thank you for this comment about the rhythm. I’m not sure I intended it, but that push-pull and out-of-controlness definitely goes with the subject.

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