Storm Song

I go first into frosted night, flinging charms—seven
words to fend the blizzard whole while moon
sinks into clouds, swallowed in gray velvet

I’ve armed myself in furs; you red-robed in velvet
singing fireside untired, one slight flame against seven
nights of breaking cold, failing moon

No cracks in river ice, unmelted hidden moon
though your steady voice, low velvet
calls the fire. Outside alone I count slowly, seven—

seven nights until moon cuts again through storm-velvet

Thanks to Nathan for the set of tritina words, and to Jenifer, from whose very different and beautiful poem I lifted the blizzard line.

13 thoughts on “Storm Song”

    1. Thank you. I enjoy these fantastical flights. Do try the tritina–it’s addictive. Always better if someone else chooses the words, though, I think.


  1. This is enchanting and rich and very vivid. “while moon
    sinks into clouds, swallowed in gray velvet” is so lovely, as is the mystical feeling of a low velvet voice calling the fire. Your use of seven gives it a certain rhythm – like a drum accompanying the firelit song, drumming out the nights. I can’t tell you how much I love this one!

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  2. How did I miss your original post of this? I like how you personified the moon. Rowan gave me a number for my first tritina, so I gave you one to see your solution. Magical is the perfect word for it.


    1. I mistimed this for the Yeah Write challenge, but I loved the words, and they definitely sent me in a magical direction. Thanks for the words and the read. 🙂


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