Look to space—soundless,
starred fascination-deep. Silence
this clash of human cries. Let’s
sit snug and dream of drone-
delivered stuff, hash political hairs
and tell kids they don’t want
to work at McDonald’s. Let’s bash
bullying and say it’s okay
to cry over math every night

PAD Chapbook Challenge, Day 6 prompt, “We’re being watched,” touching on technology. I went a little slant, perhaps.

8 thoughts on “Progress”

    1. The first drafts had a long list of what those cries can be…I felt I was ranting and pulled back. I wonder sometimes where that balance line is…

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  1. I love this in so many ways. Quite colloquial language for you but as always you make it sing. Love the lines about McD’s and especially about saying it’s ok to cry over math. I want one of those cuddled up, permissive evenings!

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