after Amadae

Remember when we hid in the caves
late dust swirling in red sun and talked
of home, imagined roses blooming
thorn-berries yet green and sour, river
foam-cold? We had the king within reach
but were too fearful—proud—young—to grasp
the hem of his robe. Remember how
the cedars howled with the storm of it
wind rushing like undammed water through
the desert valley heaped with his dead
and ours, and you lay huddled, fevered
by the fire? I went out long before
the cliffs should have echoed new birdsong
to watch the armies march clacking, bone-
white, on and on into morning

11 thoughts on “after Amadae”

    1. Amadae is actually a character of my own, who has been popping up and asking me to write his story for years now. 🙂 I was, however, originally inspired by the biblical King David and Jonathan story.


    1. Definitely more of a scene-setting here than being *in* the scene, though I hadn’t thought of it like that before you commented. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. “I went out long before
    the cliffs should have echoed new birdsong”
    – such beautifully evocative language.

    So, there is an ‘Amadae’ series of poems? Are they collected on your blog somewhere?


    1. This is part of a loose series called “Rose-Witch,” and Amadae appears sometimes. Collecting them all would be a good project…


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