Paradise Lost/Love, Mom

                         It’s messy,

                         I know:

wars                                         squabbles


nations                                     friends


hearts                                        shins

                                                   headaches, sniffles

                                                   homework, doubt—
scorpions, taxes

floods, drought—

                         You’re wonderful.

                                                   Good night,

I promise,
                         it’ll be all right.

                         But I did tell you


                         to eat

that fruit.                                 more vegetables.


16 thoughts on “Paradise Lost/Love, Mom”

  1. Fun! It never occurred to me how telling our kids to eat more veggies actually contradicts the ‘everything will be ok’ message! You are always bringing up new ways to turn old things on their heads.


    1. Well, I thought I was lightheartedly writing about how my answer to everything that ails my children (physically, at least) is to eat more veg. And then after I read what I wrote, I saw what you did–what a messy job parenting is–unconditional love, BUT…

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