about grandpas, and

sometimes you see a face
and it reminds you
of another face
(you can’t quite place it)
and it bothers you, niggling
those misfiring synapses
of memory and just so I was
driving a German highway
and saw, in the back window
of the car in front of me
a row of hats
and it took me a minute
(but I had many minutes)
to discover it was my grandpa
who carried his hats like this
in the back window of a car
driving country Texas highways
and I saw him again
dark-haired, lanky, all
kindness to granddaughters
(letting us drive the golf cart
keeping Cokes in the garage)
and it wouldn’t be the first time
life had so surprised me
in the midst of ordinariness
with the beauty of crossed paths
connections passing

6 thoughts on “about grandpas, and

  1. Sometimes mundanity is just mundane, sometimes it’s poignant and sometimes it reveals ‘the beauty of crossed paths’ – but you have to look very closely!

    And that’s a lovely phrase, by the way.

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