Michelangelo in Hiding

in the Medici Chapels

A small room to the left of the altar
a trap door and down. You hide
and wait for world’s forces to forgive
to find art is more important
than power’s shifting tides. You sketch.
With charcoal, with your finger.
The corners full of shadows, footsteps
on stone above. A tiny window for light
and it is not always light.

day one day five day twenty
day six twelve nineteen

The food is cold the cell is damp how long
will you huddle here? Haunted by what
you have yet to do, by all those stone hearts
waiting to breathe

Inspired by this article about Michelangelo and by PAD Chapbook Challenge Day 16, a “haunted poem.”

18 thoughts on “Michelangelo in Hiding”

  1. The power of an artist. I feel like it’s been forgotten how political and dangerous an artist’s life could be. My favorite moment is the stanza of numbers. It slows the flow down, makes me linger in that series of long lonely days and brought in an awkward meter.

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