hope like arugula sprouts
big enough to be seen
from a second-floor window


cat out and leap-chasing
shadows—sparrow, crow,
flick/sway of still-bare branches


water wind-rippled in bird baths
sometimes sun-shimmered, reflecting
on redbud bark


that april blizzard and how
we could see again
smooth-swirl snow on rooftops,
dollops on red-budded trees

Birds, December

the cardinal
a splash of red
on swaying graywhite
tree, fat flakes drifting
driftless wonder
leached bleached or drained
? know-not constant
ceaseless wind a film of
ice in the birdbath
dove flaps and settles
hawk silent still
drawing the eye again
a splash of red
on snow

I was going to let this one languish, but Kerfe inspired me with this lovely post.

Winter Gifts

yet we can seem spendthrift
in any season scattering care
like birdseed on the ground, wet snow
no more weight on tree-shoulders
than skies gray or gold or blue—
and remember what you’ve done for me
shoring up my heart, careful
packing and piling
these paths through snow
with cold fingers rewiring
the whole house to sun-blaze
pouring joy through windows
and doors spilling love into the night


I beg a word on winter.
Snow and cold are fine, but something’s missing—
the rustle-song of breeze and piercing blackbird’s call,
green-leaf ground and walls of trees,
early sun and evening alight—
will spring come soon, fair and bright?

Something lighter: an echo poem for Jane’s weekly challenge, with special-order blackbird. I was thinking that Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad had an echo story, but maybe I was remembering something from Winnie the Pooh?

Almost Winter Dreams

not the cat, not
the glasses, only
my heart begging
another whiff of roses
crushed untasted
unsung under

broken night
flight of forgotten words
birds faltering, slow
freighted with fear
here comes their cry
why do I wake
ache for dreams unspoken
broken night

Playing with two prompts today. First part inspired by Quickly, second part inspired by Jane’s circular poetry.