German Bees

Here we have no window-screens

With our fresh air, we get bees

Bees stumble in, drunk on sun-bloom;

drunk on summer’s breath, they bumble

against the glass

Glass is this medium they can’t comprehend;

they know sky-grass-floral, but impermeable air?

They beat hopelessly against it, the bees

On golden days, I open windows

and help them leave

Bright Wind

Bright wind under sun-gleaming sky

on this of all days why do you thunder

the shutters, shudder the roof?


Do you want us to recall your ravages

even as earth resurges, assert your authority

over clinging things below?


(Do you not know this is the time

for gentle rebirth? Do you not

know we are far from the sea of your dominion?)


Does it please you, tearing heads from tulips

Forcing new-bloomed trees to bow

in wanton rain of pink-gold-white?


(Will you take me up and outward whirling

soul-flashing on your flight?)


Inspired by NaPoWriMo’s prompt: Write a poem of questions.

Patio Garden Mosaic

Bird-song, breeze-song, cloud-daubed blue sky

Green green green green green

Bark-brown, chair-brown, mulch-brown, stone-brown

White blossom (set off by green)


Pale pink, deep pink, fuchsia (pinks’ pink)

Plummy, scarlet, blush

Soft yellow, glow yellow, speckled-on-the-leaves yellow

Two kinds of greens we can eat


Inspired by today’s NaPoWriMo prompt: Look out the window and make lists of what you see (nouns, verbs, colors); mix and match to make a poem. It was a beautiful day so I skipped the window view and went straight to the patio. I think I got stuck on the colors…