Jazz & Poetry

Spoken word concert

(born of books


once few poets

left to help

world’s song


Inspired by The Found Poetry Review’s Univocalism prompt: Construct a poem using only a single vowel, with all words sourced from your newspaper. Obviously, I did something else entirely (cheated?) and used two vowels. Words from NPR’s jazz blog, “5 Points Where Poetry Meets Jazz,” by Pamela Espeland.

When Prompted

The day more than halfway

gone gray clouds cool

evening birds uprising

endlessly over my head

(to the sky beyond drear sky?)


Shameful drivel-spouters

we come running

to shadowed whistle

(who am I to talk of ‘we’ who am I

to mistrust metaphor?)


Inspired by today’s NaPoWriMo prompt: Use five song titles from a randomized playlist in a poem. (Mine are Halfway Gone, Uprising, Over My Head, We Come Running, Shameful Metaphors, Who Am I?)


Rebellion Basic for the New Learner

So Mere Extent is one of the rebellions

(we respond so well to representation)—

both of mutation and in mutation…


So basically, Partisan (of what is rebellion

in mutation?) allows us to leave ourselves.

In some small weakness, it allows us to shift

and adjust our reception.


Inspired by a prompt from The Found Poetry Review: Select a passage from one of your newspaper articles and replace each noun in the passage with the seventh noun following it in the dictionary. My “newspaper” choice was “Play It Again and Again, Sam” by Alix Spiegel for NPR’s All Things Considered.