Texas history

there we sat, in air-conditioned classroom, crammed
into desks into rows; this tennis coach-teacher insistent
if not passionate about a dusty battle for glory fort, right
there still, in our hometown. living easy and far from that
rough bloody battle. except. we knew movie heroics,
lines in the sand. we knew how to wave a flag,
cheer the team, fear the other. still do

I recently ran across a contest prompt on the theme of San Antonio history, which sent me right back to 7th grade and the Alamo.



How profound we sound
with a ring of truth due to

stacks of letters behind our names
and piles of publications

lavish layers of authority, churning
of trite-tired words, but learning?

The world is flat
now that we know it all

our fleet of paper vessels set to sail
en masse, right off the edge


A “doubles” poem for NaPoWriMo Day 15, also borrowing from the word list prompt at Poetic Asides.