Fine Lines

I’ll trace them, if I may.

This is not to blame my children

nor to blame myself for having children

(it was foolish, pure instinct) but can I blame

Pinterest for conflicting inspirational quotes

on pretty posters? Can I blame well-meaning

bloggers for telling me these are the chores

your 4-year-old should be doing and how

to raise boys in this ravaged world?

Welsh Hills

I loved you before I knew you

deep-rooted, firmly based on legend

and childish dreams. No, not childish—

I loved you with steel of sword

and dragon’s fire, for your crystal

caves and heroes’ havens

your mantles of mist your still, cold pools

those crossing-places of darkness

where anything could be true


A lifelong affair—should I be ashamed?

I have met you, now

more solid and yet otherworldly

where princes once gazed

sheep now graze in grassy courts.

Your kissing gates, low stone walls

green valley views framed by moss-

crumbled doors broken stairs:

a trysting place for old souls


Inspired by today’s NaPoWriMo prompt: Write a love poem to an inanimate object.