Winter Hearth Ghazal

Dark—though all the world sleeps, long
I strain to hear blackbird song

Your wings winter-folded, soft-
swept snow, river-fog blurred song

Locked into memory, green-
forest days spinning word-song

By berry bramble, your wings
covered all desire, spurred song

Unsung, for better or worse
by this cold hearth, unstirred song

Now dawn-white shadow gathers
plaintive dream-note—unheard song

My first attempt at the ghazal form.

Young Woman Seated at the Virginals

Daily I dress and sit, touch these keys,
nimble fingers bent to practice a song,
pray music could come from this desire

to sing out strong. What more could I desire
than to sit corseted, cosseted, pressing keys,
waiting for the world to praise my song?

Beneath silken shell a heart beats in song
while I grow old in daily habit, desire
mounting—to shatter this case and its keys.

(Why do I sit at these keys, bursting with song of desire?)

One-Line Challenge: Communal Poem

Thank you, Jane Dougherty, for inviting me to play along in this one-line challenge. I added my line and am passing the challenge on to the prolific and poetical tnkerr, who can

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back.
2.Link back to Waffles.
3. Write one line in the poem. (If 4 lines have been reached before you then start a new stanza.)
4. If you are the 16th line no need to nominate just send it back to Waffles with a title for the next one.


Autumnal hues herald dawn’s amber glow.
Nature paints in colorful flow.
Everything’s pumpkin from pop tarts to chips.
There’s even a seasonal orange pumpkin dip.
Now a crestfallen suns rich corpse spawns a great feast.
The aroma from scented candles tantalize the palette.
Eerie glows emanate from window sills,
And robin’s song defies the winter beast.
Before we damp down, light one more wind-whirled blaze


No fear, here, of the long night
half a year, half a lifetime
away. We open and glow moon-
flowered, sigh with perfume
by pale stars bedewed
pity the wan, draggled dawn.

I am falling behind with my Family Poetry Project postings–but still writing every day! The kids are, too. We’re having a great time with it. The prompt for this was “Night” in 33 words or less, from A Prompt Each Day.