Woken from a deep and dreaming sleep

I doubted both words and song, mistrustful of the silent

night’s wondrous claim: how the rising sun would shine,

how these wars and rumors of wars would candle-bloom to peace.


Hopes and fears do not, unguided, find the path of peace

while in light-springing homes loved ones sleep in stilly silence.

Shadows are histories deep; death too fleet to be stopped by sunshine.


But in you, o little heart, though you are small, your treasure shines

with tender words sowing trust in everlasting peace,

in hosts of morning stars whose glory-song will break the silence


with an inrush of joy: shining peace on untold fields of silent nights.


My attempt at the tritina form, with inspiration from “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” Zechariah’s song and Jesus’ birth from Luke 1 & 2, and the Micah 5 prophecy.

Jonathan to his David

It is better to be sidekick

than hero. All I must give

is loyalty and that only briefly

as I appear in the shadow

of his sun. My actions, my heart

never questioned. His errors called

before the masses and publicly

paid; when I slip it is not far

to fall, and humility is ever

my currency. If I get caught

up elsewhere, killed in battles

of his making, is it not just

a way to pay my smaller sins?

I said from the outset I would die

for him. If only it would do him good.

People need to know a great man

can love and grieve. It’s reassuring

to see he’s made of our same clay.