To find the poet’s place, exit
concrete boulevard, travel mind-
star miles to a green hill overhanging
ocean (or a lake or merely more fields
of sheep and yesterday’s sum of time—
summer mist-cold and sheltered
by silence, silvered neighbors just there
if you need them, trees turned
by storm-wind, insect hum high
brook-chatter, the night-limned runner
far ahead, speeding path
to stone-walled moss-field
guarding or mourning
or both)
hide hollow below castle walls
note-soaring above modern city:
this mix of yes and no
push and pull and aching
the shadow of tomorrow
spilled in water
on upturned palms, pleading

Resolving the Year

half-year: half-clouded
horizon, old thoughts cast new
loops around half-moon
Today begins our Family Poetry Project, brainchild of Number Three, in which each family member writes a poem a day for the duration of the school summer holidays. Can we keep it up? We are going to use a selection of prompts. Today I made a haiku per Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie.

Winter Travel

So you are here, too, Orion

aiming straight

at the sky’s height

but drifting

on a winter’s night

full moon at your head

snow-gleam silent

mountains at your back

(the first stars I knew

and the mountains

I only imagined)

Day 2 prompt for NaPoWriMo is a poem about stars. I’ve been fiddling with this one since a New Year’s trip to the French Alps.

Titan Spring

It is spring on Saturn’s Titan,

thus the white sheet of ice-pebble

rain over black wind-whipped lake,

the blossoming of sudden spume,

steep rivers in spate and we need

no longer moan how we hate

the years-long winter


Back on Earth they’ll celebrate

these glimpses, telescope distant

shift of shadows, the bright spot

in smoke-and-mirror atmosphere,

the long dance in rusty sunset,

gas-fired hum of temptation,



Inspired by this NPR article about some astronomers’ recent excitement about springtime changes on Saturn’s largest moon. It tickled my imagination…