Blessing for December

May you be warm and have light, candle-
burning and yet
may you be at peace
in the curling dark
listening to stillness but

may you hear the song!
the skies and the earth and every encounter
the rhythms of ice and wind
may they be a sign to you

to hold hope in your heart
the rise and soar
the resolution

8 thoughts on “Blessing for December”

  1. I read this piece this afternoon. I thought it was lovely. I hit the like button. I had an engagement that I attended, but I kept considering “the curling darkness” and “the rhythms of ice and wind.” Upon returning home I came back and reread. Several times actually, and the surface of what you have written is like the tip of the iceberg. Love it!

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    1. Thanks! I recently read a piece where the author made the case for embracing the darkness of this time of year–taking the time to turn inwards and rest as opposed to fighting it with light and frenzied celebrations. That idea is still rattling around for me…

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