the world tells you again

in this fountaining the flutter
wing-dust and scattered
seed, greening

why should you not return
to heartening beneath
your one-note lament

and need for salt don’t say
it’s always the same
for when have you ever noticed

roses blown open to rain
robins food-screeching
in your window-tree?

7 thoughts on “the world tells you again”

  1. A return to the inevitable? and the beautiful? Sometimes, the world indeed tells us again that regardless of it all, we should keep writing. ??

    oh, and ‘roses blown open to rain’ – so many hints in those five words.

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      1. Many years ago we had a nest in a low location in a bush and we watched the robins grow up. I remember being amazed it was about 3 weeks from hatching to flying away. Those robins are a lot tougher than a person might think, all birds are, and food-screeching just epitomized the force of will they have, to me!

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