5 thoughts on “charity begins”

  1. My mother used to say ‘charity begins at home’ when she was ‘scolding me’ for wanting to be charitable to others (when I so obviously had an uncharitable soul based on how I behaved at home ). Actually, I have no idea what she ever meant besides the scolding part. So I have an allergic reaction to the opening sentiment.

    Having cleared away that torn plastic bag from the neighbors recycling bin (great image, thank you!), you’ve shown another aspect of the challenges of charity very well — how we begin with one idea and it gets pretty beaten up along the way and maybe does not always land very well. It is so hard to have the effect we hoped for. Ugh.

    Nice work!

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    1. Thank you. That saying popped into my head because I have been telling myself I need to be more charitable toward a certain relative-by-marriage who is living with us for a little while. And yes, intentions are one thing, results another…

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