Texas history

there we sat, in air-conditioned classroom, crammed
into desks into rows; this tennis coach-teacher insistent
if not passionate about a dusty battle for glory fort, right
there still, in our hometown. living easy and far from that
rough bloody battle. except. we knew movie heroics,
lines in the sand. we knew how to wave a flag,
cheer the team, fear the other. still do

I recently ran across a contest prompt on the theme of San Antonio history, which sent me right back to 7th grade and the Alamo.

5 thoughts on “Texas history”

  1. Oh my–now you have me going back in time, too. I lived in Dallas when I was in 7th grade (we moved back to PA. in March of that year). I remember studying Texas history and the Alamo, too. In my case, I liked the class, and the teacher knew I’d rather be there than go to mandatory football rallies.
    But your last few lines–yes.

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