The Coming of the Dog

So. In a low season, tag-end of winter
and time on our hands (an illusion), did we
feel two teens still at home, two rodents, a cat
not enough? Not that our love couldn’t stretch so
far. Did we need to give without guilt or fear
of spoilage? (a softening too soon into
grandparent-mind, accepting these unfinished
offspring as imperfect, and by our own fault.)

We begin again. Well. She knows a few things
about respecting furniture, sleeping through
the shortening nights. But see, how she needs me
and how I fail again in wrestling, running,
being best friend. Don’t say, unconditional
love. I am more than proof against those brown eyes,
their eloquent pleas.

7 thoughts on “The Coming of the Dog”

  1. 🙂 That is all I have to say. Thinking the dog thing over myself. After losing Sunny at Christmas, we have been waiting until this summer to decide. Good for you for jumping in feet first, it seems. 🙂

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    1. Yes, well, this was all my husband’s doing. I’m gradually, grudgingly giving way to this creature. 🙂 So sorry about Sunny. It is always a Big Deal to bring in a new family member, how they change your life in so many ways.


  2. dogs. me, i’m a sucker. on the road tonight to dinner with my sons, we saw a harley rider… with a chihuahua in a bag/case strapped in behind him, head out the top, FULLY stoked to be going 60 mph down the road.

    so, congrats on that pooch worming into your heart. your hubby knows 🙂 ~

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