contemplation 4

I am famous in these distractible parts
for half-sentences and thoughts un-done.
Listen: It is only a skipping ahead

past the boredom of a thing
once seen. The bloom is off, color fading
by the time it reaches your lips

Inspired by Hafiz, “Every City Is a Dulcimer,” translated by Daniel Ladinsky.
“If I ever don’t complete a sentence…”

17 thoughts on “contemplation 4”

  1. My grandmother used to write me letters (this was back in the 70’s when the phone was expensive and so – letters and letters – in which she would often leave sentences unfinished, not on purpose, but because she had moved on in her thoughts and her pen not keeping up. You had to figure out where she was going and fill in the blanks (sometimes easier than other times depending how great the leap was…) this poem so reminded me of her. She has been dead almost 40 years and I still remember so much about her, so well; this memory made me laugh.

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