contemplation 3

and had my soul chosen another body—
say, some minor medieval queen
who could hide volumes of overindulgence

beneath the armor of silky wool gown
or high headdress, who could stand
in stone tower, warm enough, overlooking sun-
swept river strewn pink with bloom

without sneezing at birch pollen—
it could therefore have fresh cherries
to tongue’s and heart’s content


A fluffy little fantasy inspired by recently discovered allergies plus Hafiz, “Maybe One Like a Water Buffalo,” translated by Daniel Ladinsky.

“Your soul could have chosen a different kind
of body…”

16 thoughts on “contemplation 3”

  1. It’s an amusing fantasy. (Though I wouldn’t want to live with running water and plumbing–or coffee.):)

    My younger daughter has the birch-cherry allergy, too. But cooked fruit is OK. She has it with apples, too, but she can eat them if peeled or cooked.

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      1. My daughter ate them before, too–I”m pretty sure about the cherries, but I guess be careful. 🙂 I know for sure that she has problems with apple peels, but not cooked apples or apples that have been carefully peeled first.


  2. For most of my life I’ve not been able to eat fresh apples, cherries, etc. without my throat swelling, ears itching, etc. It’s just in the last month that I learned about oral allergy syndrome, which has been featured numerous times in the news and online. In my case it would be an allergy to birch pollen, and the proteins involved, (which would have presented the same symptoms), only I didn’t know I had that allergy. In the past, even my doctors couldn’t explain it to me. When we took my son to an allergist thirty years ago, I asked why I could eat a fruit pie, but not the fresh fruit, and the clinic couldn’t explain it.


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