bookshop therapy

today: dazzle and overwhelm yourself
with riches of color, type, genre, taste,
the bargain-stickered tomes, deckle edges!
poetry of filigree border, fine paintings
that grace the scholarly set. smile
at brash color, mysteryromancesciencefiction,
the table’s strange mix, mash of dour classics
and modern beach read (bright tote on lower shelf).
close your ears to blaring country music, discounts!
endorsements, star wars toys and eager blurbs.
caress a spine, let fall the pages—or flip—inhale
vision, scene, mere arrangement of words an invitation
to your rain-bruised mind (heart, soul, whatever)
then come back to this desk and pretend
it was pure inspiration because you always knew
you couldn’t come out empty-handed


18 thoughts on “bookshop therapy”

  1. Being a former long-time bookstore manager, I loved that the discounts were just as blaring as the country music. I miss being around books all day (instead of making them as I do now), but your poem explored both the positive and negative aspects of that environment.

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  2. I love how this flowed – even when it stopped with a period or exclamation point, it was just to take a quick breath before continuing around the store. And of course you can’t leave empty handed! Who among us can?

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  3. Bookshops certainly are my favourite form of therapy! Loved how you have structured this poem — the running words for instance, depict the mixture of genres. I loved everything about this and now am yearning to visit the bookstore for my therapy.

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