old vines blooming

this periwinkle faith
through sunless seasons

what of your pleading attempts
to will it into being?

now green so clear it hurts
stretching sunward on nothing more
than instinct and half-forgotten roots

not to be pressed in a book
or plucked to judge its shape

but let it spring lush where it will, overspill
your stone-built walls, all in a night
when no one is looking



10 thoughts on “old vines blooming”

  1. I love this one, Jennifer.
    Every time I go out–or even look out the window–I’m mesmerized by the beauty of the season, and how quickly it changes. Trees suddenly developed the feathery green leaves last week, and almost overnight, they’re filled in.
    I love “periwinkle faith.”

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  2. ‘Periwinkle faith’ is something I’m engaging with for sure…i stare at a crumpled vine or crackled leaves and then lo and behold tiny green starts to appear underneath ( I am uncertain what to trim so leave as much as possible until I see what happens….)

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