february pond, 2

the man—white hair, red jacket—
in golf cart gleefully sweeping
the hillside, full speed
(full gaggle, the birds lift
from grass and sun-sparked water
hang just overhead, then wheel
away into the distance, raucous
now driving my direction
he asks if I want some geese


still, I consider the pond’s ruffled surface
while the wind-fluffed sparrow, shrub-top
eyes me with suspicion

7 thoughts on “february pond, 2”

  1. I can picture this scene so vividly, Jennifer. I love that the geese lift “full gaggle.”
    I saw a man on a golf cart shooing the geese from the grass by our riverside park. And I liked the sparrow eyeing you with suspicion. So judgmental. 🙂

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  2. There was a park in a Buffalo suburb that had a problem with hundreds of Canada geese making the meadow beside a pond their favorite place to spend the afternoon. The droppings were making a mess of the meadow, so the town acquired a border collie for the express purpose of keeping the meadow clear. It worked.

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