Other People’s Mail

You would think I’d know better
than to draw conclusions
but it’s that time of year—
overworked carriers
and bitter cold to boot, dark
before the new guy comes
and what with partygoers’ cars
blocking both sides of the street
my fading numbers covered
by the wind-skewed Christmas swag
(only one digit’s difference
in our address begs the fail)—
again, today, I got your mail

Had you been home
I’d have brought it to your door
icy sidewalk notwithstanding
nor new-kitchen contractor’s van
in your drive—the high-end
catalog, Christmas cards from far
and wide, your trust-fund statement
(or bank-official like that)—
I begin to believe it’s more
than dog versus cat, the good fence
or satisfying strong-magnet snick
of your new-last-summer mailbox
that separates us

19 thoughts on “Other People’s Mail”

  1. I was in the post office when I saw someone return a mis-delivered letter, mentioning a number off by only ten, so likely only two doors down and across the street. The trip to the post office had to more effort than walking across te street, so definitely something going on there.

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