Ordinary Things

Just another mother waiting
in the orthodontist’s waiting
room reading a book about time
travel wondering should I go
forward or back? What to do
again and again or skip right over
and what if I cleared the cache
relying on insipid chatter?
(how I remember
standing just there
and saying just that
some proof if you want


Nothing too deep today–though I am reading James Gleick’s Time Travel: A History.

5 thoughts on “Ordinary Things”

  1. The redundancy of motherhood … so well capture here. I remember when my first one was born, how unique I thought he was and then realized everyone thought that about their own child. What is interesting is how each mother’s journey is both her own and entirely universal. I think you tapped into that well here.

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    1. Thank you. I try to laugh at myself when I start to feel superior, like reading a “serious” book while other moms are talking about a tv show. And then remember when I’ve been the one just passing the time of day and comparing my kid’s braces with someone else’s…

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