The Nature of Things

Hawk on the fence, intent
looking away; cat on cold stone
watching. A small cat, no bigger
than a rabbit, but perhaps more
than a mouthful with tooth
and claw. Serene, she can see
that for all its size, sleekness, sharp
beak and scream, it’s clearly
merely a bird.

21 thoughts on “The Nature of Things”

  1. Hmmm. Cats don’t lack in confidence, do they? I’ve seen a hawk eat a squirrel (took it one hour, sitting on my picnic table) and since that – I keep an eye out. Love this poem. Sums up the situation perfectly and succinctly.

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  2. it’s interesting about how the cat “sizes up” the hawk. i also thought the spare details of the fence and the cold stone were perfect. and then the use of alliteration and assonance in the final sentence was effective. well-crafted!

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  3. Tension? What tension… everyone just minding their own dangerous (dangerous??) business. You can feel the tightly coiled indifference. I love this poem.

    Jennifer this brought me back to May 2010 when I started my blog. I was writing short stories in 30 minutes. To get writing again. My first one… a cat and a raven. That seems like a long time ago. Have a great weekend!

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