Building the Dollhouse

Firstly, and to my surprise
it gets me out of bed, mornings.
Planning the work—all this trim
cutting, paint, glue. What to do
while waiting for things to dry.

I wish I’d known sooner
not to keep these projects
out of sight, out of mind (spiders
gliding between rough-ridged
roof and basement window).

No, put it smack in the library
incongruously turquoise and yellow
in the mellow, bookish front room.
Cover the writing table with stuff
like paintbrushes, sandpaper, tape.

We said we would. We will.
From piles of unlabeled wood
like any noble endeavor, bit by bit
imperfect. You need to cheer
each day’s slight progress now

that we’ve stopped pretending
you care about construction.
Waiting for the decorating
you are here for color consults
to tell me when I have blue in my hair.

11 thoughts on “Building the Dollhouse”

  1. ‘… out of mind (spiders
    gliding between rough-ridged
    roof and basement window)’

    is a shockingly beautiful image; the last line got a definite ‘ha’ from me, lovely balance of humour …

    … you have a library!


  2. I am reading things all out of order these days. This reminds me of a day I spent putting a ginger bread log cabin together. I was 8 months pregnant and had a fantasy my 2 1/2 year old would have fun helping. There is a spot in my back that still aches 19 years later!

    You’ve pulled that altogether so well — hope and ache and frustration.

    Liked by 1 person

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