The Poet’s Complaint

Once it is written, the magic is gone.
Galaxied dreams become rocks after all;
sky-blazing-brilliant star turns into stone
once it is written. (The magic is gone,
memory sunk. These words, cold and alone,
conjuring mere disillusionment, pall.)
Once it is written, the magic is goneβ€”
galaxied dreams become rocks after all.


Playing around with the triolet for Yeah Write’s September poetry slam.

34 thoughts on “The Poet’s Complaint”

  1. That’s the thing though. When you write the way you have in this piece, the magic isn’t gone. It stays, lingers in the air for immeasurable seconds after you’ve read the piece and infuses itself into your soul. Such beauty.

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  2. I started out trying to tell you which was my favourite line, but I can’t. I love them all! Galaxied dreams. Sky-blazing-brilliant. The rhyming of pall and all. As you know, that etherial and astronomical view of anything, but especially writing, gets me every time. But what I really loved about this was the idea that in the writing of some lofty dream or vision, some of the magic dissipates. I often feel discouraged by the forgotten layers of writings that just seem to pile on each other, out of sight. But your thoughts are, of course, far more poetic than that!

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    1. The “forgotten layers…” touched on something that Jenifer (below) and I have also talked about–the idea of writing around something. It’s impossible to display every facet in one poem. And the way we ourselves change means that what we want to say also changes. So we keep trying. πŸ™‚
      Maybe some of your work was in my mind when I went astronomical! Thank you for your words.

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      1. Sweet of you to say. And yes! I find myself writing and writing around the same topic or thought or idea, coming at it from different angles and never quite getting the whole thing.


  3. I really enjoyed this poem, and the discussion. I haven’t tried this form, very lyrical I thought. I’ve had similar thoughts, but more along the lines of once it is written, it’s no longer yours. A poem can have so many meanings to many different people. Yours just brought me back to that conversation. Very nicely done, a good write. Have a great day!:)

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    1. “Once it’s written, it’s no longer yours”–I think this is a good thing. πŸ™‚ I’m always intrigued to learn which poems or lines within poems speak to people.
      Thanks for brightening my day! I hope yours is great as well.

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