Garden Door Revolving

Not truly revolving
on the whim of a catโ€”
only the human is automatic


Hummingbirds dart through
a whirl or two
by the feeder. Faster
than any soon-to-close


What greater joy
than looking ahead
wondering through
the other side?
A communion
with the wisdom of cats


Taking these things in turn,
I plan a larger garden.
String staked out, rectangular
like door-panes laid flat.
The days unspool
birch leaves teasing the sun

13 thoughts on “Garden Door Revolving”

  1. My favorite lines:
    “The days unspool
    birch leaves teasing the sun”

    I like the image of days unspooling–it sounds both languid and inevitable, but in a good way, especially with the birch leaves teasing the sun.

    Then Ken’s lines make it melancholy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Very nice vignettes that add up to something wonderful. I love how your last stanza introduces your matter of fact way and also some how sums up the wanderings of the earlier stanzas. Nice.

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  3. One way the poem keeps me interested is by making me work for the meanings in the first three stanzas. Then the fourth provides a type of resolution. Another way is by the sharpness of the images, such as “The days unspool/ birch leaves teasing the sun.” Yes!

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