The Daughter Visits

what safety in these walls
is that of comfort—
habit brings us together
once again knowing what to expect
in talk, gesture, food, drink
change only in growing older
taller, thinner, softer, more confident
or gray; we still have morning
coffee and cat like clockwork
at the door

for all I have been pacing
restless with sameness
staring out the window
while you wander the world
I turn in again to see it as refuge
from every kind of roiling storm

we close the door and curtains
on thunder’s low mutter
surround ourselves for this moment
in grateful silence

23 thoughts on “The Daughter Visits”

  1. I agree with rivrvlogr. And it is not a bad thing. I like the stage of life I am in and I am happy for my son (and daughter-in-law) to step out and take their turn. I am proud of them and satisfied with my own efforts, however of a mixed bag they may have been. This poem says it all. Just beautiful.

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  2. Oh! Bittersweet, made more so by my son being away. I’m sure that re-entry will be thundrous. I don’t know why buy your positioning of “grey” made me pause. It’s the emphasis it gives for sure, but I’m not thinking only of literal grey. The grey of spirit.

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