Returned from Overseas

What do you say to the earnest smiles
the hearty aren’t-you-glad-to-be-backs?
It was no exile from the first day you knew
you didn’t need to pretend to belong

You thought your skin must be stamped with it
a continent of rivers so swelling your breath
that you’d be forgiven the slow answer but
can’t they see you have no word for home?


Inspired by a new call for submissions at Silver Birch Press.

10 thoughts on “Returned from Overseas”

  1. I really love the flow of the second stanza. This whole poem creates such a feeling of–I’m not sure of the word, frustration at being back combined with exhilaration at discovering this new place?

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  2. Yes! This is it exactly. Home is where the heart is but what if your heart is in multiple paces? It’s hard to imagine unless you’ve lived it, that spiritual awareness of and intimacy with other places, other homes.

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