This Garden

in its first summer, I’m fighting
gravity and grass, plus
the sun so much fiercer in blessing
and insects unforetold

my camouflaging clothes
made for errands, patio-reading
anything but weeding
require constant hitch and catch
on the tiny cartilage of rose-thorns
the ones I can’t see

I’m not looking for much
beyond this silence but I say
next year all the greens go in boxes
next year a promise to myself
to my seedlings

sacrificed to the spirits of wildness
(as far as they go in a finch’s song)
my orderly plans thrown cloudward
with not enough regret

the back of my neck like old leather
even my wrists and feet
brown as long-distant childhood

17 thoughts on “This Garden”

  1. I think I recognise this struggle – the wild weeds to be kept at bay. Every year I say I’ll do it differently, and keep on top of things, and every year my vegetable patch gets taken over by nasturtiums…

    I really love this poem. I love your use of such simple language to create something so much more. It reminds me a little of Robert Frost. A lovely thing to find in my reader, thank you.

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  2. I love sharing your gardening journey. I especially liked #4–I love the image of “orderly plans thrown cloudward” and “as far as they go in a finch’s song,” but the “with not enough regret” made me laugh. That sounds like me–not with gardening, of course, haha, but in general.

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  3. These made me smile. Yesterday I was out cutting the vines that keep invading from next door on the Rose of Sharon tree. It’s breathing now! I’ve given up everything but herbs…(K)

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  4. I love love love stanzas 4 and 5! “As far as they go in a finch’s song” is stunning, as is the image of the best laid-plans thrown cloudward. Feet brown as childhood anchors me in those long ago years – personal yet universal and vivid.

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  5. I related to all of these starting with the first one: fighting gravity and insects…was a feature of my efforts to do some new bed digging in clouds of bugs this spring:)

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      1. I agree with that 100%. Buzzing around my head drives me nuts… and then there are the swarms of mosquitoes…for those avoidance is the best policy 🙂


  6. What a great approach to such a complex topic. I love the little almost-thoughts, as though you are deliberating which way to go throughout. And I agree with others, #5 seems to bring everything together, however loosely.

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