The girl looks a lot like you
red hair (but dyed), the nose-ring
of rebellion and my pang
for her parents pulls up short
in self-excuse—I want to say
they are not like us
but can we know anything
of how? of their heart-tides
the thousand-faceted diamond
of one soul in one frail body
or its shattering fault

It’s the same old lava pit, one slip
from the beam and we’re lost
in boiling regret. Can we not
spend your lifetime in fretting
over who and what and why?
your path finds its shape

15 thoughts on “Missing”

  1. This sounds like it could be for parents everywhere.
    I love the phrase “heart-tides” and imagery of “the thousand-faceted diamond
    of one soul in one frail body
    or its shattering fault”

    (My beautiful younger daughter has red hair (dyed) and a nose ring.) 🙂

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        1. I’m always the one hoping it was just some misunderstanding and the missing child is safe and sound somewhere…
          My daughter is doing great. We’re planning to get her home for a visit this summer after she finishes up a class.

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  2. Words that go right to a parent’s heart. When I read this, I didn’t realise it was about a missing girl, I assumed it was just a random girl to compare with your own and I thought, yeah, I know the feeling times five. Not quite the same sentiments though when what is lost can never be retrieved. At least with kids who have wandered from the track we imagined for them, there’s the hope either they’ll find their way back, or we’ll come to an understanding of the path they’ve chosen.

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    1. I definitely had some of these thoughts in mind while writing–though I didn’t do a very good job of getting them all out there. If I revised, I would try to clarify some things, including my own feelings. 🙂


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