On a day you might be tempted
to question your fortune
(your suburb-life boredom)
they appear near the sunrise:
two ducks in the driveway
incongruous on the concrete
with rose-bush backdrop

they pause, heads together
discussing their discoveries
this day’s opening, possibly

and you’d like to read into it
some symbolic message
from the universe
like the song of robins
outside your window

19 thoughts on “Ducky”

  1. Lovely! The picture is of course quite clear in my mind but it would be anyway with this perfect, philosophical word-painting. I love the way simple natural beauty can inspire such depth of self analysis.

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    1. I have now seen those ducks in various yards, three days in a row. So that either means 1) of course there was no message in the first appearance, or 2) they have to keep showing up until I get it. 😉


      1. It’s like a fairy story. You must set them free from their vigil with the magic word, and if we go a step further, they may turn into handsome guys who will mow your lawn for free all summer.

        Just kidding. I like how the ducks have taken on this role and I hope there will be a poetic answer for us who are waiting to find out the message?

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  2. Just as the robins are commenting on our seclusion from the air and light of a rising sun, the ducks are questioning the need to live in a box with no connection to the elements.

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