ocean trench

safely held under
fishing for dark life to hold
in freezing cold find
thoughts miles below the surface
swaying to unknown currents


16 thoughts on “ocean trench

    1. I’m not even sure where that line came from, especially the “safely” part–it’s just like that in my notebook, though I purposely broke after “under” and not just for syllable count. (sorry. breathe deep.)


    1. Ha, yes, you got me! I was going to reference the NPR article that caught my eye the other day, but then I was afraid it would be distracting. ‘Cause I started to feel the poem wasn’t really about deep sea creatures, per se. 🙂

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  1. I love how you have got movement and submersion working in concert. Brings up all the memories of watching things float along the bottom of a small lake we used to visit …

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